Thursday, January 28, 2010

...4 months later.

I can't believe that it has been 4 months. Last semester was the craziest, busy time of my life. I live to tell about it. Here is what I have been up to:

- Thesis defense (still need to finish actual document)
- Took GRE
- Took Pre-Professional blah blah blah Exam (PRAXIS test)
- Applied to 3 out of 5 graduate programs (Vanderbilt, U of Washington, U of Texas- Austin, U of Oregon, and Portland State)
- Spent after Christmas in Seattle
- Accepted to an International Infant Studies Conference to present my thesis in poster form
- Turned 22
- Learning to bake and cook - accumulated several cookbooks!
- Lots of work: good days, bad days, huge accomplishments
- Back into Young Life: full force toward summer camp at Malibu Club in Canada!
- Trying to figure out what God has to teach me in the mess of things
- Continuing to fall in love with a guy who I don't deserve

That last part has been the best {obviously}. Kevin has seen me on my worst, don't come within a mile of me, stressful, never-ending days and somehow continues to enjoy being around me. I have continued to rely on the Lord as I don't know how I would get through the days otherwise. To say that life has been a tough would be a bit of an understatement for me. The end is in sight.

Graduation is 116 days away; therefore moving out of Arizona is less than 200 days away. I'm anxiously awaiting responses from graduate programs. I check each school's website multiple times a day to see if any possible change has taken place in my admission status. Yes, the site tells me it'll be 5 weeks every day, but I keep checking. I'm very excited for whatever my future holds in whatever place I end up! Anyway, had to get this little catch up out of the way because I have a lot on my mind of things I want to write about. But for now, I have to code birth records...