Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long time gone

Well I haven't posted in forever. I visited AZ at the end of August and then started work and then started school and life hasn't stopped.

A little update on the hair experiment. I have determined that the weather in WA changes too much to make this experiment very consistent, but I'm still trying new things.

After I tried the creamy Garnier shampoo from the last post. I tried this (Herbal Essences - Body Envy volumizing shampoo) :
I read (somewhere) that to control oily hair it helps to use clear shampoos versus creamy because they contain less oil. I have to say that I didn't see a significant difference, but this shampoo did help my roots not sit flat (it's a volumizing shampoo), so that helps something?

Anyway, I moved on to this (Paul Mitchell - Shampoo 2):
The bottle indicated that it cleanses any build-up from hair products, which helps eliminate oil. This shampoo definitely has been phenomenal, yet it is a little pricier. What I have found that keeping this shampoo in for at least a minute before rinsing it out really helps eliminate oil. Also, I only use very little conditioner (I needed to get over the fact that it would take a little longer to comb out the tangles). My hair now lasts for longer before sitting flat and getting oily, which is nice! I use the Paul Mitchell one most of the time and the herbal essences sometimes too (to save money).

I also have some tea tree shampoo I got when I was in AZ that I will try more when these shampoos run out.

I also just bought this (TIGI Rockaholic - Dry Shampoo):
I had never heard of dry shampoos before, but they are apparently the more expensive version of baby powder for eliminating oil between shampoos. We'll see how well it works! I also have read a lot online about washing your hair less eliminates oil along with using Apple Cider Vinegar and eggs?? to wash your hair. I haven't been brave enough to try those yet, but maybe over winter break when I am not forced to go into public.

I plan to be back blogging now and have many things I'd like to share! Quick update: I love my job at the Experimental Education Unit on campus at UW. I am an aide in a kindergarten classroom and am loving every day of it! Graduate school and Seattle is already getting cold!! AH! Can't wait to share all my stories from the last 2 months.

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