Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Places to consume food:

Lately I've really wanted to begin a list of restaurants I want to go to. Some I have been to before that I love and some are new ones to try. Any suggestions?

- Bamboo Club
- Oreganos
- North
- Olive & Ivy
- Los Olivos
- Islands
- Macaroni Grill
- Texas Roadhouse
- Chicago Hamburger Company
- Bloom

I'm now drawing a blank of the places I've wanted to go.

And no, this is not a hint to my wonderful boyfriend. I promise. I think I just happen to be really hungry while sitting in Noble Library and my PB & J just isn't cutting it today. I'll have to move on to my baby carrots.


Angela said...

I can't think of any more suggestions right now, but I will go to Bloom with you :)

The Duxbury Family said...

I don't know if you've been to Rosa's Mexican Grill or not, but it is a favorite for Kirk and me! I think you would love it too. It's on the NW corner of Mesa Dr & University. It is, by far, our favorite Mexican restaurant. I've also been to some of the other restaurants on your list and love them too. I haven't heard of some of them and will have to try them sometime. BTW, I just love your blog, Lauren! I'm sorry that I don't leave comments very often.