Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This was my day:

- Running late for school
- Sweating from biking so quickly
- Dropping highlighter on my white shirt
- Dripping apple juice on my white shirt
- Sitting through a useless stats lesson
- Getting bike dirt/grease on my white shirt
- Getting cupcake batter/frosting on my white shirt
- Trying to teach a spoiled boy to share

- Delicious In & Out Burger
- Short nap on the most comfortable chest
- Good history movie (Valkyrie)
- Finally feeling at rest and that things are going to not just be okay, but amazing

School is picking up, but I made a promise that the stress was not going to run my life or ruin my relationships. Progress so far = better than last spring! I'm getting there! God is good and He's working on some much needed healing.

Can't wait for my full body massage and day at the Biltmore pool with the girls this weekend!!

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