Thursday, March 17, 2011

As promised.

I talked incessantly about the Christmas gifts I made my family, but never shared them. I didn't get pictures of all of them, but I do have pictures of many of them.

One of my favorite gifts I made was a diaper and/or wipes case for my sister-in-law who just had a baby girl at the end of December. I found a tutorial for this project here and after much frustration (and some help from Kevin's mom) here is my masterpiece! {Please excuse the poor picture quality}

I even made my first fabric flower. I was attempting to make a ruffle to place across the entire top of the flap, but the flower worked too.

I am not someone who sews. I actually haven't sewn a thing since my 7th grade home ec class (until this past november). Now I am in love with sewing and inheriting my mom's old machine!

Anyway, this diaper case was even more exciting because I "repurposed" an old skirt of mine. The skirt was my absolute favorite but the elastic had given out. I had high hopes of saving the skirt by just taking some inches off the elastic, but I learned you need to make better measuring plans before you start cutting things apart...

Over the next few days I will continue to post all of my creations I made for Christmas. Hopefully that will cheer this place up a bit!

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Cheryl said...

-And we love that diaper/wipes case TONS!!! -Not to mention your other creations for Brynn too. :o) I really LOVE that fabric and that AMAZING fabric flower!!! I feel so special to have some of your amazing creations! You truly are so talented in so many ways. :o)