Thursday, January 29, 2009

stats again...

I'm in my stats class again. I'm kind of nervous about school this semester because I'm still in my laid-back Australian school mode. aka...I don't care enough. I have my first paper due tonight. I think I found an honors adviser. Aaaand I spend way too much time playing my blackberry. I now understand why people call it a's SO addicting that I have access to everything on my little handheld device.

Lately I've been having a lot of thoughts and talks about priorities. What are supposed to be your priorities? Can you put values on certain things (ie: school, YL girls, boyfriend) or is it just important to balance it all out? This came about because I told my boyfriend that my YoungLife girls were more important to me than him. Whoops. I realized that that wasn't entirely true and began to think about how people can all have equal importance that you just have to find different time for them? I've been bouncing these ideas all around my head. I haven't gotten very far because I just go in circles.

I'm over school. Ugh.

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