Monday, February 16, 2009

Coffee Shop Dynamics

So I've been sitting here in Starbucks at Osborne and Hayden for about 1.5 hours now. There are 2 men who have been here wince I got here working away on their computers. Multiple people have walked in and been recognized by the barristas--typical coffee shop demeanor. However, one of the men working on his computer here has also known a handful of people who have walked in and proceeds to chat it up with them and he honestly just seems so happy about life and one of those guys that everyone loves. The point of all this observation is just to say I love the idea of being a known customer, neighbor, whatever. That small-town ideal has always really appealed to me. I know it has its downfalls, but I just love the romantic ideal of everyone passing by and asking about so-and-so and really caring and all harmonious stuff. I know it sounds like Pleasantville and I should just move to the creepy Agritopia in Gilbert if I really want this "everyone hold hands and sing together" feeling.

Regardless, being here has been a bit refreshing just watching people go about their daily routines. Somehow, it has made my life slow down a bit....which is currently much needed. Thanks Starbucks.

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