Tuesday, March 3, 2009

blah blah blah...

That's all I hear in my stats class. You know class is rough when everyone is rushing to the vending machine or closest coffee shop to get caffeine before class. It's rough. However, I do feel intelligent when I teach myself how to do everything for the homework (...with plenty of help from Kevin. I can't take all the credit.) I get really stressed when I do math-ish homework because you enter all these figures into a formula and expect to come out with a certain number and when I don't I freak out. That is where Kevin comes in to save the day. It's nice to have someone who can simplify things into my range of math terminology/knowledge. I knew I was dating him for a reason.

Life has been full of school and a lot of sleep because I'm getting over the cold/sinus crap that seems to be going around. T-minus 3.5 days until Washington. It's going to be super super difficult to want to come back, but it'll still be a much needed break.

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