Sunday, March 22, 2009


I think this semester and next will prove to be the most difficult of my college career. I'm currently making a study guide for probably my hardest test in college thus far and it's for a geography course. Ridiculous.

I started work FINALLY with a client! He's 4 and has autism and is fascinating and such a blast to hang out with! This week I get to meet with our behavioral director and my kiddo and plan goals for him that I get to start working on with him! Thus far, my job has been excellent. I start with another client soon too! Another 4 year old with multiple delays. I'm glad I am loving this job as much as I thought I would. It is an absolute perfect fit for me.

I got to go to Washington with Kevin over spring break, which was a much needed break. I miss the cooler weather so much. Stupid Arizona sun.

I'm busy busy busy and beginning to freak out with how much time I don't have...which leads to wasting time being stressed. Life is really really good. I can't remember ever being this consistently happy before in my life. Yay for that! Back to studying.

I want to be here....

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