Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I can't get over that today is July 1st. I think I've mentioned it to everyone I've talked to for the past few days or so. June was a good month. I feel like I haven't been very productive with anything and the weeks just continue to begin and end very quickly. Every Saturday night I find myself thinking the weekend isn't long enough.

Growing up and doing real stuff is boring so far. I'm trying to find ways to feel more accomplished. I'm thinking about selling my homemade cards somehow. I think it's partly just to feel like my card designing is profitable. That would be a fun ego boost. My mom said some lady sold them in little bundles at her work. I've also found ways to sell them online. I've been looking at this site called Etsy that has a smorgasbord of adorable homemade things. I'm very inspired. It's something I've always wanted to do. I've also started reading a lot more than ever before. When I find a good book, nothing around me gets accomplished. My washed clothes sat in stacks in my room for about two weeks after camp until I finished 2 books.

I'm ready for a vacation. In August I'm going to visit Angie up in Vancouver and could not be more excited for it. I cannot wait for her to show me around the city. I absolutely cannot wait to wake up Saturday morning in Vancouver and go to whichever coffee shop Angela has deemed her favorite. A coffee shop, with my best friend, in Vancouver--sounds almost like perfection right now. After Vancouver I'm going to head down to Seattle and hang out for a week! I'm also very very excited about that. I love it up there. It's a mix between the weather, the people, and the lack of any responsibility. Those 3 things together make a phenomenal vacation. Only 5.5 weeks and then I'm there!

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