Monday, February 15, 2010

Even my hair and skin want out..

So maybe this is too much wishful thinking, but I have to think that other places (Seattle, Nashville, or Oregon) aren't this dry. My skin and hair have been SCREAMING at me for some moisture. I promise if you get close enough you can hear them too. I'm definitely biting at the bit to get out of Arizona.

(Small side note: I've been using weird cliches lately like "biting at the bit" or "toot my own horn." If you hear me use one, please just smile and bear with me. I'm too tired to think of my own creative words)

I always tell myself I'm going to make some time to be creative, but sooner than I know it it's Monday again and then all of a sudden Saturday aaaaand it never ends. SO I've decided to set myself a little goal so that I can have some mandatory down time. I am going to create something each week. I've gotten really into baking fun treats or dinners and also love to make scrapbook creations or cards or what have you. Every week I am going to do one of these things, take a picture, and share it on my blog. I feel that if I put this in writing I will be much more likely to follow through. (I have much difficulty following through without deadlines or goals to meet.)

Off to study how much checking action Brad has at 40% lung vital capacity....big test in physiological & anatomical basis of speech tomorrow. The name of the class itself is a doozy...great.

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krislyn. said...

So I'm glad I know you have a blog now! ;-) Yay, another one to read!! It was a gorgeous day in the Northwest!