Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Updates!

I have written 3 graduate school application essays, 1 school assignment and revised a large portion of my 35 page thesis in the past 3 days.

Exciting news though! Graduate school applications are FINISHED! (...apart from putting these ugly, manila envelopes on the express lane to Oregon tomorrow). Since it is now past 1:30 am, I have meticulously checked to make sure all my essays to Oregon say "University of Oregon" and "Early Intervention Special Education program" approximately 5 times per essay. I even opened an envelope I had already sealed because I was certain something was typed in correctly. This is getting pathetically obsessive.

I had a phone interview with a lady from Vanderbilt today! She sounded like my admission was very promising, but I find out for sure within the next week. She asked all about my honors thesis and was "very impressed that an undergraduate knew that much about research." (finally my thesis paid off for something useful!) That phone call was some much needed encouragement on the thesis front. Part of me still hopes the acceptance doesn't come through because I don't want to have to choose where I go next year. I want it to chose me and that's it.

Anyway, I still have a good 45 minutes of thesis revision so that I can submit it before I sleep. Then off to work at 8 am! I think I will sleep the entire weekend. Valentine's day, I'm sorry I will sleep through you, but you'd rather have me sleep than deal with an overly tired, Lauren.

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