Friday, November 12, 2010

Extra time

I cannot believe that I have already entered this stage of my life. The stage I am talking about is where getting out of work an hour and a half early on Friday is one of the best gifts someone can give to me!

That hour and a half = 4 unexpected Friends episodes or 1.5 hrs to craft or time to be able to have a beer {in order to not be cutting it too close to babysitting for that to be not a good idea}.

Today that hour and a half was cut a little short because I missed my bus stop. Who knew that the next stop was a solid 15 min walk from my already 10 min away bus stop. I also missed my bus this morning. I watched as the 31 from Central Magnolia to U Village drove right on by just 10 seconds ahead of my time.

I realized buses are not made for people like me. People who are consistently 5 minutes late. I've done surprisingly well with buses {and spent WAY too much money parking on campus}. Maybe my new years resolution will be to never miss the bus. Woooahhh that is a bit crazy.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about extra time {not my love/hate relationship with the bus}. One Sunday when I had extra time I created a Food Inventory!

I am obsessed with organization and what a better thing to organize than your food! I created an Excel document with different little lists such as "Breakfast" or "Veggies." I keep this list updated with all of my food items so that I know how to plan for meals and so that I am efficient with my food. Soon, I will plan my meals from this list so that I know what I have and what I need.

You should try to create your own inventory! It helps me save money and ensure that I don't waste {too much} money on food.

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