Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have recently become obsessed with ALL things handmade. I have close to a hundred tutorials either bookmarked or cataloged in my head for future projects. Every time I read blogs (daily) I find a new idea for a christmas gift, home decor, baby present, and the list goes on and on. Between graduate school 9 hours a week, work about 40 hours a week, and a boyfriend who lives 45 min away...I don't make much time to even organize my thoughts.

However, with such little time, Kevin and I have begun to multi-task. One Sunday we both worked at his office--him on a proposal and me on a school assignment. Then this weekend we watched the football game "together" while I worked on my current craft project {to be posted later}.

One of my only completed projects was put together for my best friend who at the time was preparing to move to Texas for her first real nursing job! {She has now moved and I am SO proud of her for following her dreams!!} I thought this clock would be a nice addition to her new place. I got the tutorial from one of my favorite crafting blogs Make It and Love It.

These are my first fabric flowers that I had been dying to try to make. They turned out okay...a little too much hot glue residue, but they are SUPER easy to make. I just need a bit more practice.

I have begun to realize that my projects only come together when the deadline is a gift for someone. I have at least 5 homemade gifts lined up for Christmas, so I better get started sometime. I am about to finish a Fall wreath that I will hang up in my room and will post pictures on that soon! I also just uploaded pictures from the past few months that I will post soon as well.

Seattle is BEAUTIFUL in the fall. I am already very cold; nonetheless, the leaves all over the ground and falling from the trees are just amazing and I smile as my feet brush through them as I walk to my bus at 7 am in the dark... I am happy now, but it's supposed to snow this winter and that will be another story.

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