Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life in WA

To be completely honest, I have been homesick about 75% of my time up here. I miss my family. How can you not miss these people?

Even though I have loved my phone chats with my dad, it is just not the same.

Cheryl (my sister-in-law) has another one on the way. I cannot wait to meet her!!

Yes... We did have matching shirts on Christmas. Don't judge us.

I might miss this face the most. {She should win toddler of the year or cutest toddler ever.} JJ and I hung out constantly when I was at home in August and now she has already grown up so much more! I cannot wait to jump no the bed again, JJ!

I have enjoyed myself here. I still love my job at the EEU working with children with special needs. They can be so challenging, but I just love them so much. It has been so fun to watch them learn to read and write and how to make friends. My classes have also continued to inspire me to all of the things I can accomplish in this field. I am excited to work with this population and really help these children get all of the things that they need to succeed in the world.

I still babysit most weekends and have a set of 4-year-old boy/girl twins that I see every other weekend. They are so fabulous and it is relaxing to babysit them. They're not comfortable with me enough where they will cuddle next to me during movies!

I have also been able to see Kevin at least 3 days a week. We try to meet in the middle when we can {which usually consists of browsing IKEA.} We have..

Gone to the ASU vs UW football game in our ASU garb. Devils won 24 to 14!!

Gone to the Zoo in Tacoma on one of the only hot days in Washington.

Gone to the Puyallup State Fair and wore banana hats.

And we have spent a lot of time watching movies and TV shows. {This was us before a little dinner and a movie}. Lately we have watched: Date Night, The Social Network, Inception, Michael Clayton, and the Planet Earth Series. All of which I highly recommend! Also, I am currently on the 9th season of Friends. I began Season 1 in August. I am just dying for Ross and Rachel to get back together. I might feel a hole in my life when I end this that bad?

As you can see, life has not been terrible. I've begun to make friends at work, which I really enjoy--and I've got to spend time with Kevin's family and friends, which has also been a good time. I am learning SO much about myself and the things I want in life. I know that I am in a very important stage of life being so far away from my comfort zone, and that is what keeps me going day-to-day. (And the fact that I count down the days until AZ...35 days left!)

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