Friday, July 9, 2010

A little getting used to.

Here are pictures of a few things I do NOT like about Seattle:

1. HILLS. I have to park on one and it honestly makes me a sick...

2. There are rarely bike lanes and the lanes are pretty narrow. It's not terrible, just new for me!

3. Parallel parking. I knocked off my passenger side hubcap because I hit the curb so much. Better yet...I have to parallel park on this steep hill next to my house. It's a nightmare!!

However... who can't love driving north on I-5 into this beautiful city.

Just a small update for now. I am learning to drive better in Seattle--which means slower, more aggressive, more attentive, and more patient. Tomorrow, Kevin and I are going to the Mariners v. Yankees game and then to dinner at the Pyramid Alehouse (pyramid makes my FAVORITE beer - the Haywire Hefeweizen). I am very excited that the weather has heated up and the sun stays up until 10 pm! Soon I'll post some pictures of my great house and finally complete room! Miss you all back in AZ.

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Sarah said...

LOVE Pyramid! We'll have to meet up sometime and have the Haywire together :)