Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Oily Experiment

Upon my arrival to Washington a month ago (where does time go?), I began to realize that my hair got oiler much quicker than it had in the arid desert we like to call Arizona. I have been discussing and researching oily hair remedies for the past week or so and I've come to one conclusion. Talking about oily hair makes people as uneasy as discussing a much needed leg hair shave. The internet has provided far from convincing evidence.

I am the wash your hair every other day kind of gal. With a mixture of busyness + laziness, the pony tail has become a staple hairstyle for day 2 because my hair is just too dang oily. I also have leaned on the much needed support of the blonde's best friend...
I am also the kind of gal who knows little about hair products and chooses from what is inexpensive (okay, let's call it cheap) and sounds like it would be good for my hair. (However, today I realized I was using shampoo for color-treated hair...when I haven't colored my hair in almost 2 years...)

Anyway, after the purchase of 2 different kinds of shampoo that seemed promising for combatting my oily hair, I decided to put on my own scientific experiment!

So here we have it: For the next some odd weeks, I am going to do a case study on oily hair remedies. Each week I am going to try a new product and/or remedy that was suggested by the internet, friends, or simply what looked promising. I will blog about this once a week to detail my opinion on each product. This will begin Sunday August 1.

Until then, I am going to research different remedies, decide on my controls (you must have control variables in order to have convincing results), and lay out my experimental procedure! Each week I will use the same product all week and collect data on how soon my hair feels oily...or something like that. This obviously isn't the best scientific experiment because n=1, but I am going to attempt to keep good controls and an unbiased opinion.

Please, come back soon to see what I find!


Angela said...

You are truly a researcher at heart. Love it! Can't wait to see what you find!

Emily and Estevan said...

I use the baby powder a lot! It's a live saver!