Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Nanny for YOU

Well after complaining and worrying about having no work, I was swamped with 60 HOURS last week! I worked with 7 different families. Yeah..holy moly is right. Only one of the families are a consistent weekly family. They have a new born baby boy who was born 9 weeks premature. He is full term this week and growing so well! (Note to self: don't have children for a long time. they cry too much).

I have been fully enjoying Seattle despite working so much! Two weekends ago Kevin and I joined some friends in Winthrop, WA for a hike. And let me tell you...it was quite the hike. I did not plan on hiking 7.5 mi with over a mile in SNOW. After the initial frustration (from me mostly...or only), we began sliding down the snow hills on our feet or bottoms and enjoying whatever we (I) could.

My roommates and I have weekly dinner and Bachelorette watching. This week Emily and I made a mass amount of nachos! Also this past weekend Kevin and I went down to Tacoma to go to the Point Defiance Zoo and Engine House No. 9 Brewery. The weather was nearly perfect (it was hot..I like a little chill) and we enjoyed delicious burgers. (I think Kevin actually had a chicken something, but I'll pretend we both had burgers).

Other than that, I have basically been working a ton! I also bought my textbooks online today. For anyone who knows me really well (I like to keep this secret close), I LOVE school. I love registering for classes, buying my textbooks, cramming for tests. The secret is out: I LOVE it. It's kind of a sick joke that this is what I love because some days I'm not sure if it will be the death of me, but whatever.

Well this post got long quickly. With the money from my over-worked last week, I bought a few treasures online so that I can create some new scrapbook and baking creations! Come back later this week and see what I've done (or just begun...).

For your viewing pleasure: here is my wonderful, loyal, loving father...who I miss way too much...in his new Husky Dad shirt! Hooray!

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Emily and Estevan said...

Lauren, I love school to, I guess that's why I want to be a teacher haha! I am glad you are loving Seattle! How many roomates do you have? Your house is SO cute!