Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life Update 1: The Dogs

Over the next few days {or whatever it ends up being}, I am going to post pictures with some life updates simply because I feel like it's compulsory after being absent for two years.

My favorite part of my life--and the aspect that takes up the most time/patience/money--is our two dogs.

Connor adopted a dog a year and a half ago. His name is Edward Norton--a beagle, pug, dachshund mix who is about 4 years old. He loves any small prey animal--squirrels, birds, flies, anything that moves. He loves people and loves attention. He will happily jump onto anyone's lap and practically shakes his hind end off when people come over.

He absolutely loves to cuddle and even gets to sleep in the bed under the covers in the winter. He has a lot of stylish clothing--puffy vest pictured below--and even supports the Spurs with his collar. For the record, Edward is not very photogenic, so he's about 50 times cuter in real life.

I adopted Russell almost 5 months ago.  I've decided {with some help from google image} that he is a Beagle & Manchester Terrier mix. He's about 18 months old and can very much act like a puppy. He has much more energy than Edward and often spins in circles for a few minutes when he wakes up each morning. He prefers to chew his toys instead of getting pets--his favorite toy is pictured below.

I swear he's just now finding out that being pet can be enjoyable, so he's starting to enjoy humans more. He LOVES to drink water--especially when he comes from the toilet {...we're working on that}. He's also much less stubborn than Edward, so I've been able to teach him many more tricks over the past few months. 

We try to take Russell and Edward almost everywhere we go and have found many restaurants around Seattle that will allow dogs. However, Russell is still learning to not try to kill other dogs when he's on his leash....  I often find myself walking by shouting over the barking, "I promise he's really friendly!"

After a few territorial spats over the first month or so, they've become good friends. Russell is definitely the annoying little brother, but Edward tolerates him well.  I swear he misses Edward when he's not around! I could post dog pictures for days, but I'll leave you with this one--Russell posing showing his Husky support with his UW tag. 

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